Friday, February 1

New Softies

Five new softies are in the shop now!

Tuesday, January 22

fab talent

The beauty of working for yourself is that you can randomly trawl around the internet without fear of your boss looking over your shoulder and catching you out. So, today, in between scoring quotes (1) and meetings (2) for Fusion Design I checked out istockphoto and found the talented Simon Oxley flaunting his beautiful, humorous illustrations. Check him out at his fab website - although I have to warn you, there is some quirky music, so turn your computer volume down if your boss is lurking!

Tuesday, January 15

little softie bears

This little fellow is a sneak preview (currently unstuffed and unarmed), of 1 of the 5 bears in my new range of softies.

These bears are much more baby-friendly, cute and cuddly than the Bad bears from last year, so I am hoping they will be more appealing to everyone with a baby in their lives.

I am actually considering sewing them exclusively by hand, simply because getting out the sewing machine lately turns the whole sewing experience into a formal, boring exercise. When I sew by hand it means I can sit in the living room with husband, watch tv and sew. Creating my lovelies becomes a part of the evening, rather than the whole evening, and yes, perhaps the fact that I find myself watching Big Brother every night at the moment my be a factor.

Monday, January 7

New most favourite

I seem to have a real thing for handwritten typefaces at the moment. Here are some sweet examples I have downloaded from

I have been designing a batch of eshots for future marketing of Fusion, and it has been great to design with some creative fun fonts. Work is quiet at the moment, (I guess it's the post Christmas pick up), which makes my current sniffly cold and blocked ear very good timing!

happy new year!

After a long break from blogging, I am back and keen to make more effort with my weekly musings.

December was a really manic month for us, for work and socially. This December we managed to see nearly every friend we have, including some amazing friends from Australia (you know who you are :) We fully expected a nice work wind down, it was, however, busy until the final hour. A good sign, and I really hope things continue this year with the same propulsion that took us along from August.

Sewing stopped last month along with blog. Not helped by my sewing machine breaking and softie production ceasing to a severe halt. I have, however, started creating again and fully intend to get back on that sewing horse. I have five little white bears in production, all very cute and baby soft in white fleece. Soon to be displayed in the shop.

Not sure why I have put a pic of our fridge here, I just like it.

Saturday, October 6

village scene 6

Thursday, October 4

bunny marcie

Little pink Marcie has made her debut in my shop today!